Instagram And Facebook Videos Can Now Be Played In WhatsApp.

Instagram And Facebook Videos Can Now Be Played In WhatsApp.

A new WhatsApp update includes a feature that will allow Facebook and Instagram videos to play directly in WhatsApp itself. So now, when someone you’re chatting with in WhatsApp sends you a video link from either of the other two platforms, you won’t have to leave the app to watch them. Additionally, with picture-in-picture, you can keep watching the video even as you move between other chats.

Facebook has been working to integrate its various apps, giving users more seamless control over their content across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Last year, the company began allowing users to post their Instagram Stories to Facebook and earlier this year, reports described a feature Facebook was testing that would let users post their Instagram Stories to WhatsApp as well.

Being able to watch Instagram and Facebook videos within WhatsApp is a useful update and it’s rolling out to iOS users now. An update for Android hasn’t been released yet.

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