Indian owns land on the moon for ₹9800. Is it possible?

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Seriously? Buying land on the moon…

Rajeev V. Bagdi, who acquired the plot of arriving on the moon for ₹9800. He bought it from New York-based Lunar Society International in 2003, said that India’s second lunar mission in 11 years was for the integrity of the whole humankind.

An Indian, who purchased the land plot on the moon 16 years back, feels that India effectively propelling its lunar mission. Chandrayaan-2 on Monday has given him any desire for arriving on the moon in his lifetime.

“As an Indian, I feel pleased with the fruitful dispatch of Chandrayaan-2. It will carry a ton of good to humanity,” Rajeev told IANS.

Bagdi is confident that the moon the travel industry will begin by 2030. “When I obtained the plot, I thought, in any event, my coming age will profit by it, however now I am confident that I will almost certainly go to the moon with my family,” said Bagdi, who possesses an Ayurveda store.

India’s second lunar mission was on track as its ‘Bahubali’ GSLV rocket effectively put the moon shuttle – Chandrayaan-2 – into the circle in a copybook style on Monday evening.

Shockingly, he has every one of the reports issued by the Lunar Republic, including enlisted guarantee and deed for the lunar property, statement of citizenship and guide.

“I had a dream, a prescience, that one day my grandkids would almost certainly express gratitude toward me for having such a premonition. I am constantly inquisitive and was scanning on the web for something like this. At that point, I saw an advertisement on the web which stated, ‘Blessing a plot for your friends and family’. I like hazardous endeavors, so I got it,” Baagdi disclosed to The News Minute.

Now although Baagdi feels at peace about the piece of lunar land that he owns, it’s practically impossible to own the moon land. It was back in 1967 when the U.S. and the Soviet Union negotiated the Outer Space Treaty (OST), stating that no nation can own a piece of the moon or an asteroid.

Although Baagdi feels settled about the bit of lunar land that he claims, it’s difficult to possess the moon’s land. Article II of the OST states that “Space, including the moon and other divine bodies, isn’t liable to national allotment by the case of power, by methods for use or occupation, or by some other methods.”

Conclusion: So, stop and think for a minute, the moon is extraordinary and everybody might want to have a bit of it. However, you basically can’t get it. It’s smarter to set aside your cash and spend it on that excellent farmland house that you’ve been peering toward for a long while now.

“There is nothing illegal.

It may kick-in or it may fail. I had invested in a project which can help mankind over time. At least the coming generations should feel that our forefathers acted with foresightedness,” he said.

Bagdi also said that lakhs of people from around the world purchased the plots on the moon. Rajeev’s cousin Lalit Mohata also followed his footsteps.

“When I bought the plot, people laughed at me. They called me a fool and lunatic. I felt happy for giving them a break,” he said.

Bagdi pointed out that going to the US was a big thing a couple of decades ago. “Today, a member of almost every Indian family is in the US. The same thing may also happen with the moon 20 years down the line,” he added.

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