Now You Can Hide Muted Whatsapp Statuses.

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Many times due to so many status updates from relatives, colleagues or friends we mute their status update but that glitch still appears at the end of all status updates.

So in the case that everyone is updating new features every day, Whatsapp has come up with an update in its latest beta version 2.19.260 to change that glitch with an option that lets you hide muted stories altogether.

WABetaInfo notified Tech Infinite by their twitter handler that a new beta update is showing such changes.

While WABetaInfo also warned recently not to update to that beta app as it has issues with status updates. Many beta users are facing issues while uploading status and seeing other’s statuses.


You can download the beta version by clicking here

While we also received the information that Whatsapp is secretly working on upload to Facebook story options by some twitter users.

whatsapp beta hide miuted status

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