About Us

About Us

Tech Infinite is a platform serving real time Technology News, Gadgets, Tech Hacks, Reviews, How to? stories, New launching and All Other Tech Stuff.


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Hacker Ritz

Hacker Ritz is a platform serving Real time Hacking News ,Software Cracks,Hacking Methods with over 500 articles.

Our story

Tech Infinite is launched on January 8, 2018 by Suhani Maheshwari in her Engineering career. We are popular among the tech readers from all over the planet. With the best dedicated team, Tech Infinite is getting thousands of hits a day.

Tech Infinite has readers mainly from USA, India and Russia. Being a tech media, We serve how to? stories too to make our readers learn more about tech stuffs.

Our Team


Suhani Maheshwari

Founder and Technical Writer at Tech Infinite, Security Blogger and IT Analyst.She is a Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments.


Ritik Banger

Technical Writer and Co-founder at Tech Infinite popularly known as Hacker Ritz. He is among the Top 40 Cyber Security News Writers and Top 100 Information Security Writers across the globe. He is a marketing specialist and Founder at Hacker Ritz.


Rashika Rajaraman

Rashika Rajaraman is the lead member of Tech Infinite. She is a cyber security aficionado and a final year engineering grad. She has a keen eye on Cyber Security and Hacking world.


Subashree Mahendran

A second year engineering graduand and a terrible hustler. Definitely,not a paper-cut survivor! An austere girl with loads of dreams and a forte in technology.

How to? Genius

Aishik kirtaniya

Aishik is a tech geek and developer by passion. He is a B.tech student. He is a researcher in Android and Privacy field at Tech Infinite.

Smartphone researcher

Parag Jain

Parag is a student at Symbiosis. He is a the smartphone geek. He mostly writes about smartphones and their reviews. His articles will give you reviews and unboxing therapies.


Alec Aldrine Lakra

Alec is a Tech Enthusiast straight from The City Of Joy. He covers out of the box stories. His prime focus is to let our readers get all interesting stuffs of the planet.


Yash Raghava

Yash is a Tech Enthusiast. He writes about Gadgets, Tech Tips and many more. He is a B.tech student with a keen eyes on Tech stuffs.


Palak Vora

Palak has a vast interest in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and a lot more stuffs. She writes on emerging Artificial Intelligence at Tech Infinite. She is pursuing B.E. in Computer Science.

Technical Writer - Science & Intelligence

Shreya Kumar

A curious millennial who also dabbles in writing, sketching and painting, Shreya is- for the most part of her day- an engineering student fascinated by science and literature. She also likes listening to alternative rock, watching sitcoms and occasionally addressing herself in the third person.


nSantosh Kumar Behera

Santosh is a curious learner. He has the special ability to write on any tech stuffs. He is Studying Computer Science Engineering at IIIT Pune. He writes on Tech Trends.

Technical Writer

nKrishan Gupta

Krishan was in 12th standard when he joins Tech Infinite. One can be attracted by the learner he holds inside. He writes on current tech news and new launchings.